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Hello, I'm selling Mitragyna Speciosa in small increments of 30 grams each in ground powder form wich can be added easily to protein shakes, smoothies, oatmeal, yogurts etc. I will deliver only in Bryan via bicycle so I would need some time in advanced to come to your location. Mitragyna Speciosa is legal in Texas until stated otherwise for anyone's curiosity. I hope to grow and own an actual business and shop someday so this is how I will begin this approach. For the people who have no idea what this miraculous plant is all about, here's a link to some more information: This is also premium grade quality so you don't need much. So my availability is limited for the time being. I'm availability mid week all day and any other day of the week after 4pm. This is until I can see how things go and maybe set up a more substantial time frame and schedule for everyone. So the moral of my story and the whole concept is to come to you wether it be your job, home, yoga class, grocery store, wedding day? lol jk and deliver at your convenience, nothing more nothing less. Thanks for reading and most of all thanks for your time. Please text me only at this time and we will go from there. Must be 18 and over!!! I would preferably want to trade with people who know what Mitragyna Speciosa is and actually take it regularly. It's not for everyone.

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